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Uninstalling Microsoft Word
timmyjoe42 Aug-05-02 01:53 PM
Hi Larry,

We got some machine whose Word went haywire.
Now it won't load. The problem is we have word 2000 as the office standard. We also have a copy of Office 95 and Office 97 laying around. 95 for Access, and 97 for Publisher.
The machine in question has had all 3 versions of word on it. and Word 2000 SR-1 as well. It just hangs when it opens, and crashes the computer. We have tried uninstalling all the word stuff and office stuff, and running norton to remove all of Word and then Re-install it with no success.
We even re-installed Win 98SE on the machine.

Anyone ever run into this problem where they just can't get it to load, no matter what they try?
Any suggestions for what I can try?


3. RE: Uninstalling Microsoft Word
lbyard Aug-05-02 02:20 PM
In response to message 0
It's probably time to take that computer down to bare metal do a complete clean install of everything. Mine is overdue also and it hasn't gone that long. It's also a good time to think about a new drive and O/S, maybe a complete hardware overhaul as well. Consider yourself fortunate... it takes me lot longer to do it because I have review everything and write how to articles on it as I do it--and that is what I have been doing for almost two weeks. Larry

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