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monitor screen scrunched
kiramun Jul-17-02 07:47 PM
I turned on my computer, it boots normally... up until I get to the windows loading screen. I am running 2000 pro. at that point, the monitor becomes letterbox style, except the left and right sides of the screen are scrunched. I tried to move the view area of my screen on the settings on the monitor itself, and it's as if the monitor lost the right and left sides. my whole screen is scrunched, but visible. also, the screen extends up and down past the edges of the physical viewing area on screen. I cannot see the start button on the bottom of the screen at all, but if I run my mouse off screen there to where it would be if I could see farther down, I CAN click on it. I did not hear any odd noises or anything.....It's like my computer decided to scrunch horozontally and stretch vertically, no matter that the actual monitor cannot display it.... I have not added any new programs, either. any guesses or any other info needed......please post.

1. RE: monitor screen scrunched
lbyard Jul-17-02 09:14 PM
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Most monitors have an horizontal and vertical size controls and vertical and horizontal position/synch controls. some are on the front, some are on the back, some are inside the case, and some are accessed via a menu system. Often the menu system will toggle between position and size adjustments. I see you have found the position controls; you need the size controls. The problem is most likely in the monitor. One way to find-out for sure is to try another monitor. Larry

2. RE: monitor screen scrunched
Twinhead Jul-20-02 04:28 PM
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Try to lower your refreshrate ASAP!

This could be a problem for your monitor!

With older monitors, there is a horizontal narrowing of the picture noticable when you exeed the standard design limits of your monitor.
They also tend to darken and vertically stretch the picture a little.
This can also couse damage to your monitor!
If you can startup in a kind of Safe Mode as like in Win98, do that and reset your Refreshrate to less than 100Hz.
It cannot hurt to lower the resolution also.
If done, restart and see if you can reset these value to a usable type for this monitor.

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