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USB "dead" diagnosis proceedure
cgranju Jul-13-02 02:55 PM
Hi folks. Is there a good document somewhere on the 'net covering this. A friend has asked me to check out her computer which has stopped recognizing anything on its USB ports. She got as far as opening the case, saw nothing obviously loose, burned, broken or missing (?) & felt she'd reached the limit of her own abilities. I offered to take a look & may be able to report w/ more detail later. For now, however, I'm curious if there's some guidance that I could check out to perhaps make this a one-shot trip for me.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Granju

1. RE: USB "dead" diagnosis proceedure
DJ Net2Infinity Jul-13-02 03:17 PM
In response to message 0
Try this article it looks pretty good.


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