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hp scanjet 5p
azzacanth Jun-21-02 07:37 PM
Hey, I'm trying to install an HP Scanjet 5p (fairly old but in the last computer it was installed on (after I managed somehow to correctly install it) it worked flawlessly ... we've owned it since it was purchased new) on a computer that I essentially built myself from a variety of different parts and brands, some of which I got new and some of which were given to me used. However I am unable to make it install correctly - it would appear to be functional but when I try to scan something the bar moves partway across the bed of the scanner and then returns, and gives me one of a variety of "unknown software error" messages, with one of a few numbers I've seen go by. I read the article on installing the scanner on a Compaq Presario 6704 computer (which this is not, but I thought it might help), and tried reinstalling my SCSI card (SYMBIOS 53C416, HP version) and scanner, but still get the same old errors .... Can anyone help?

1. RE: hp scanjet 5p
tisfurs Jun-22-02 12:53 PM
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Maybe you have a conflict with the SCSI controller. Check Device Manager for problems, indicated by the small yellow icon. I'd simplify the computer. Install/enable a bootable IDE drive. Boot in safe mode with the SCSI controller disabled. I assume you are connecting the scanner to your parallel port. Remove the hardware and software for the scanner, then reinstall it under these simpler conditions. Good luck. If its too much of a pain, I'd suggest getting a scanner that supports USB.

2. RE: hp scanjet 5p
lbyard Jun-24-02 03:16 PM
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I have a 5p and it has been a problem off and on from day 1. In fact, it belonged to a customer (I didn't sell it to them) and after they had problems related to it fixed two or three times, they gave up and bought a new scanner. And sold it to me for $25 when I asked them what they were planning to do with it. So, I am fairly well aquainted with the beast. Please provide the following info: Windows version. Larry

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