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power supply vs. cpu fan
Szrachnor Jun-13-02 08:17 PM

I have an Asus TUSL2-C motherboard with a Pentium III 1.2 GHz processor on it, a Robanton GeForce3 Ti200 AGP video card, a Creative Modem Blaster V.92 PCI modem, a Creative PCI512 sound card and (2) 128 MB RAM memory chips installed. I am currently having problems with random computer freezes so I decided to try upgrading my 250W power supply with a Robanton 600W unit. When I turned on the computer the 2 power supply fans and the video card fan came on but the motherboard fan did not. I tried plugging the cpu fan (3-pin) into the power supply and chassis fan slots on the motherboard but it didn't work in those either. I hooked up the old power supply to make sure the fan was not damaged, and it worked fine in any of the 3-pin slots. Checking the 2 power supplies, I noticed the only difference externally was that the 250W supply only used a 2-pin fan connector (no rotation wire) and the 600W had the 3-pin. So I did the unthinkable (cring!) I cut the rotation wire on the new unit, didn't make a difference(I soldered it back together, good as new!). Anybody have any suggestions on this problem?

Thanks, Szrachnor

P.S. OS is Windows 98 SE if that helps

1. RE: power supply vs. cpu fan
Twinhead Jun-14-02 08:40 AM
In response to message 0
You can do the following to at least get you fan working:

Cut the red and the black wire from the connector. (As closest to the connector as possible beceause they have to be long enough to reach the back of installed drives!)
Strip the wires for about one inch and twist the copper strands so it resebles a solid core.
Take a connector from a HDD or a CD-Rom. (NOT an unused connector!)
Fold the uninsulated wires into the next pins: (From the side who is going into the drive)
Red from the fan to the Yellow of the connector. (+12V)
Black from the fan to the Black from the connector. (Common, Does not care wich black, they are in Parrallel)
reconnect this gently back into the drive.
(There meight be some pressure needed!)

If successful, the fan would come up as the drive would.

With this method, you have no control of the rotation speed, so switch that off in BIOS.

It did not happen to me when i replaced my 230 Watt for a 400 Watt, but i had no external PSU fan connector from the PSU.

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