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Can't remove program from computer.
loucon May-22-02 12:05 PM
I have a Systemax TSP4 1.5ghz with Windows XP Home Edition and with 256 sdram. Some time ago i\I downloaded a program called We-Blocker 3.0. I have no present use for this program and tried to remove it from the system. I went to the Remove Progams section of Windows and did remove We-Blocker. My problem: When I start the computer I still get the We-Blocker box on the screen. I have tried everything I can to get rid of this box without success. I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to remove anything that is left from the We-Blocker installation. Thank you, Lou Conca.

2. RE: Can't remove program from computer.
lbyard May-22-02 12:38 PM
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http://www.we-blocker.com/support/common_prob.shtml: “Go to your Windows Start Menu, choose Run, and type in ‘weuninstall.’” If that doen't work, suggest reinstalling and doing it again. Larry

3. RE: Can't remove program from computer.
loucon May-22-02 01:54 PM
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Thanks Larry. Your Suggestion worked. Lou

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