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Video Card / Computer Freezing
HoDog14 May-20-02 06:31 PM
ok, i got a new video card and it helps the video alot, but now my computer keeps freezing. I just recently noticed that for the video card, one of the minimum system requirements is a 350 watt power supply and my power supply is only 300 watt. Could this be my problem? Also, this video card (geforce 4 mx 420) is much better than my old video card, is the problem that i only have 128 mb of memory?
If I do use a new power supply, will its performance be inhanced at all?

1. RE: Video Card / Computer Freezing
Twinhead May-22-02 11:12 AM
In response to message 0
Your preformance will not be enhanced.
The stability does.
Please upgrade your PSU accordingly to the rated power of your Total Equipmant Manifest of your PC. (400 Watts to begin with?)

-- The next applies to AGP cards only! --

Is the AGP set to 2? (Or 4 if capable in your BIOS)
It should be set to the hughest level; for such card.

Is PCI #1 empty? (Should be, becouse of the IRQ bonding with the AGP bus)

Is memory write caching set to UC or USWC?
(Set to USWC, to be compatible with new cards)

If you have a Memory aprture size setting, set it to equal or double your Videocard's memory.

-- The next is common, and applies to Both PCI and AGP cards --

Have you setup a Swap-file that is double the size of your internal memory? (Could help a lot with overall preformance!)
Best to do it on a sepreate FAT 16 partition who has 125% capacety, so it will not get fragmented.
The +25% is to keep Windows from complaining about "Disk allmost Full".


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