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Watching Movies
HoDog14 May-18-02 10:09 AM
I have just recently started watching downloaded movies on my computer. The movie quality is kind of choppy and the sound is choppy as well. This works fine on other peoples computers though. I only have 128 mb of memory and my video card is very old. I am getting 512 more mb of memory in my computer. Will this improve the viewing quality? also, the movies are less choppy in the smalest view possible, will i be able to watch it in full screen at all? how much will buying a new video card help (like a geforce mx 440) instead of my 5 year old card? My computer also uses an AMD Athalon 2000+, 60 gb hard drive and a decent sound card that works well with music.

1. RE: Watching Movies
stephenl May-20-02 10:36 AM
In response to message 0
It might do but not much most video intensive apps like loads of graphics memory a new video card will definitely help you didnt say whether it was AGP or not five yr old it maybe an old PCI card which will hinder your performance. Going by your post the video card is prob the bottleneck

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