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Fire / Smoke Damage
stephenl May-16-02 10:47 AM
IF a pc has been exposed to alot of smoke will it damage it ??? Its working fine after a good clear out of its internals with the hoover and some expensive air ? Any longterm ??

1. RE: Fire / Smoke Damage
stephenl May-16-02 11:12 AM
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To be honest i dont think itll damage it what does everyone reckon has anyone bbqd a PC before . The computer in question is actually an intel server and worth a couple of thousand (uk s)

2. RE: Fire / Smoke Damage
lbyard May-16-02 11:23 AM
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It could, and it might not happen or be noticed right away. Although it has a much higher resistance than copper, etc., carbon (soot) is a (poor) conductor. I have seen a few cases like this and they are very difficult to clean. Most of them had or developed problems. I usually take the computer (including power supply, monitor, etc.) completely apart, which may void warrantees, clean, and run extensive benchmarks and burn-in tests. The keyboard could die an early death from it. Printers and monitors are vulnerable. If you have insurance, suggest contacting your insurance company.

If you are running a computer shop, never, never agree to be paid by the insurance company. You will probably be letting yourself in for a lot paperwork, phone calls, squabbling, etc. and may not be paid for a long time, if at all. I usually charge upfront for the estimate on this kind of work. Larry

3. RE: Fire / Smoke Damage
stephenl May-16-02 11:39 AM
In response to message 2
Were the maintenance supply company hardware/software/networking etc. A colleague of mine gave it a good clean it was really only this server as it was so near the door that was set on fire. Im down their tommorrow so ill do as you suggest and give it a good going over not to bothered about the monitor theyre only cheap so worry about that if it goes west ill certainly tell the client anyway.

Thanks for your help Larry great site by the way !

4. RE: Fire / Smoke Damage
lbyard May-16-02 12:13 PM
In response to message 3
Be sure to clean the bottom of the motherboard, expansion board and memory module sockets, inside of the monitor, especially around the high voltage section, etc. like I do Uh huh, sure... When the blue screens start, youll know what caused them. Hopefully, they wont. Larry

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