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hp thinkjet printer
wally2117 May-14-02 08:09 PM

I would like to have the pinout of the parallel cable (DB25-DB15)
to connect a thinkjet printer to a pc lpt port. Yes. The printer is a parallel one with a DB15 on it.

Thank you.


1. RE: hp thinkjet printer
lbyard May-15-02 12:21 PM
In response to message 0
From what I can find out with limited time is that the I/O interface varies with model and options. There are many douments on the printer on HP's web site. Just search. Here's one: http://www.hp.com/cposupport/printers/support_doc/bpd01141.html. I think the printer predates Dux, which would make it over 15 years old. Larry

2. RE: hp thinkjet printer
wally2117 May-15-02 03:20 PM
In response to message 1
The model is a 2225P -centronics parallel DC powered.

The problem is that there's a DB 15 on the back for the parallel port.

I know it's an old printer but very fun to take out with a laptop.
Battery powered and very small size package.

Thank you


6. RE: hp thinkjet printer
lbyard May-15-02 04:26 PM
In response to message 2

> >I've got an HP thinkjet printer here, model 2225P. It's a
> >battery-operated unit with a parallel interface.
> It's not parallel, it's HP-IB(HP's version of GP-IB, identical AFAIK). I
Well, technically HPIB/GPIB is a parallel interface...

But this printer is not HPIB AFAIK. From memory (and I've not designed an
GPIB device for a couple of years), the GPIB uses a 24 pin amphenol
connector, like a cut-down centronics connector, and has 8 data lines, 8
control lines (3 handshake, 5 bus management) and 8 grounds.

Now, I suppose it would have been possible to put GPIB onto a 15 pin
connector by using one ground and missing out SRQ and REN which wouldn't
be needed for a printer. I'm sure HP didn't, though - I've never seen an
HPIB port on anything other than a 24 pin amphenol connector

The 15 pin connector on this printer is labelled 'parallel interface'.
HPIB connectors are labelled HPIB...

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Well, that's about all I can find on this dinosaur. Much of the material is dated 1984. Time to give that old toy the heave-ho, I would say. Larry

7. RE: hp thinkjet printer
wally2117 May-15-02 09:32 PM
In response to message 6
Thanks Larry!

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