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I admit I have made a big mistake, do you think I can fix it ??
gomcse May-03-02 01:47 PM
I have 2 physical hard drives in my PC. The primary drive with Windows 98 is called Drive C (FAT32) and the secondary hard drive with critical backup data called Drive D(FAT32). Last nite, I was so absent-minded and to be stupid enought to install Windows XP and make it to be dual boot with my PC. Unfortunately, I mistaken Drive D (My backup drive) as another partition on my Drive C and do a quick format with NTFS and install Windows XP. After finish the installtion, I realise I am in troubles. But it is too late for me.

So my quick question is is there any ways for me to recover all my files (the back up data) before the format to NTFS.

Please kindly advise.

2. RE: I admit I have made a big mistake, do you think I can fix it ??
lbyard May-03-02 09:47 PM
In response to message 0
I doubt that it can be recovered. It may have been possible to recover from the format, but the Windows XP install more than likely overwrote your data. It may be possible for a company that specializes in data recovery to recover some of it, but it would be probably be very expensive. Larry

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