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aopen fm56-itu/2 with DOS application
george_clark Aug-26-00 08:16 PM
Any ideas on how to make my aopen 56itu/2 modem work with the DOS version of telix. Works great on the internet with windows 98 and microsoft explorer. thank you >>>George

1. RE: aopen fm56-itu/2 with DOS application
lbyard Aug-26-00 09:14 PM
In response to message 0
http://kb.indiana.edu/data/cafl.html?cust=1544 has Telix installation instructions. http://kb.indiana.edu/data/achx.html?cust=1544 has troubleshooting steps. The following is from the MODEM manual, which is available at http://www.aopenusa.com/tech/download/manual/modem/modem.htm. Larry

1. For modem device type, choose 'Hayes V.32' or 'Hayes Compatible 2400 Baud' modem.
2. For the baud rate. choose any speed between 38,400 to 115,200.Your fax/modem will automatically adjust to the best transmission speed after successfully connecting with a remote fax/modem.
3. Many communication software uses the modem response(see Ch 7) to control program flow. Make sure that the software is set to recognize a CONNECT 28800 response. If this does not work, set the program to simply recognize just the CONNECT response without any baud rate information.
4. There are three flow control mode: none, hardware (CTS/RTS) or software (XON/XOFF). Set your software to use either hardware or software flow control. If set to none, the communication software will not be able to detect a buffer overflow and result in transmission errors.

Add "-SMS=2" to the modem string in communication progams to enable the SVD function. For complete SVD commands, please refer to the AT command file on the driver disk

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