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Can't print from internet
Harleg Apr-29-02 05:35 PM
Hi! New to the forum. Suddenly I am unable to print anything from the internet. I have checked all cables and connections. Checked to see default printer. Printed a test page and printed from another program such as WORD. The message that I get is "the printer could not be found". Why would I only have problems printing from the internet. I do it everyday, and have had no problems before. The only change is a new printer cartridge this morning but I have been printing all day since I installed it just not off of the internet. Any help?

1. RE: Can't print from internet
lbyard Apr-30-02 11:19 AM
In response to message 0
We do not know what program you are tryng to print from... Internet Explorer 6.0, 5.5... Netscape? Try restarting Windows. Larry

2. RE: Can't print from internet
Harleg Apr-30-02 12:24 PM
In response to message 1
I am trying to print from internet explorer 5.5. I have rebooted, reloaded windows, reinstalled the printer driver software, checked with HP about driver updates for my hpdeskjet 940c, and backed up all my files since someone else told me that I need to reload internet explorer and someone else told me explorer had nothing to do with it and I needed a new printer driver and a 3rd person told me to have my entire computer reformatted.

3. RE: Can't print from internet
lbyard Apr-30-02 12:58 PM
In response to message 2
I would start by upgrading to the latest version of IE. There are a lot of pseudo computer experts. Larry

4. RE: Can't print from internet
Harleg May-01-02 04:55 PM
In response to message 3
Larry: Thanks for the help I redownloaded 5.5 and that didn't help so I downloaded 6.0 and it works like a charm now.

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