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Power Supply problem
keiberg Apr-17-02 06:56 PM
I sold a PentiumII in ATX a few years ago. That customer came back this week to tell me that the PC is doing nothing anymore. I was thinking: Power Supply has been blown up ... no problem ... replace it and it's OK.

Just to be sure, I took a Power Supply of a functional PentiumII I'm using to test to see if it is really the Power Supply. I was very surprised seeing that that Power Supply did not work in that PC and it did work in mine. I took a new Power Supply and that Power Supply is working and the PC boots up and works correctly.

I take the not working Power Supply, install it in my PC and it works ...

So in the problem PC, its Power Supply and my Power Supply don't work and a new one works in it. The two works perfectly in my PC.

It's not the Power Switch button that gives a problem because with the new Power Supply I can start the PC whenever I push that button ...

Can somebody help me with this one? I never heard about that problem ...

Thanks in advance

2. RE: Power Supply problem
lbyard Apr-18-02 01:10 AM
In response to message 0
First, you assumed the old power supply was bad. Something else (e.g., loose cable) could have been causing the original problem and something you did while replacing the power supply could have fixed it. Now you are assuming that the old power supply will not work if reinstalled in the old computer. Larry

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