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Dell Using Non-Standard ATX Power Supplies Since 1998
lbyard Apr-15-02 12:35 PM
"If you currently own or are considering purchasing a desktop system from Dell you will definitely want to pay attention to this section. There is a potential booby-trap waiting to nail the unsuspecting Dell owner who decides to upgrade either the motherboard or power supply in their system. This hidden trap can cause the destruction of the motherboard, power supply or both!"
Scott Mueller, author of Upgrading and Repairing PCs.

A copy of Scott's book should be in every PC shop. Larry

4. Dell is Also Using Non-Standard Motherboards
lbyard Apr-19-02 11:49 AM
In response to message 0

"DURING THE WEEK we've run a number of stories about the upgradability, or otherwise of Dell PCs.
The company has now provided us with its official position on this in the form of the following statement:"

Dell does not make generic ATX boxes - this is well known throughout the industry. Customers that would be affected by this are up graders, and the reality is that only a very small percentage of users will actually attempt this type of upgrade. We have made many improvements to the original ATX standard to meet the growing needs of customers over time. Companies like Intel are helping to drive an industry standard specification surrounding this.
Dell is catering for its customers needs by using components that keep prices low so the majority who do not upgrade get a better price. We made changes to better the product not to simply reduce costs, but to improve quality and reliability levels as well as to help meet regulatory requirements in certain instances..."

“… Additionally, Dell's motherboards have custom form factors to optimise for the best cooling solutions, emissions control, and for quick and easy serviceability…”

The rest is well worth reading. They say current motherboards use standard power supply connectors, but have non-standard motherboard form factors.

I am no longer recommending Dell to customers who are contemplating purchasing a computer via mail order of through the Internet. Larry

5. RE: Dell is Also Using Non-Standard Motherboards
dbradsher1 Apr-26-02 11:53 AM
In response to message 4
This is a major problem in several cases that i have come upon. I have found that some companies are doing this for the fact of so many parts manufacturers making affordable products and they want to keep their piece of the market. I have to say i throughly enjoy this site please keep it going.

P.S. If anyone needs one of these dell power supplies let me know.

6. RE: Dell is Also Using Non-Standard Motherboards
lbyard Apr-26-02 12:02 PM
In response to message 5
Actually, I believe I saw the problem a couple of years ago when trying to upgrade a Dell and did not put two-two together until I saw Scott's note. We replaced the power supply in that machine. The new ATX motherboard had to be replaced a short time later. Larry

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