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The Story of Chaos-Mouse
lbyard Apr-12-02 04:00 PM
Got this from a reader via E-Mail... Larry

I have a unique problem-solution FYI. A friend installed a wireless Microsoft mouse, which worked fine for a few days. Her office buddy decided that she wanted one; hers also worked fine for a few days. Then the buddy began to complain that her mouse was going crazy - move around the screen, opening folders, and generally causing
chaos. I was called in.

After watching the behavior for a while and listening to my friend talk while working with an accountant, I noticed that the mouse was synchronized to my friend's "discussion." I moved my chair back and sure enough, when she used her mouse to point at something or click something in Quick Books Pro, the buddy's mouse moved.

I then noticed a cell phone on the desktop near the chaos-mouse. I removed the phone to another room and returned to watch the behavior, which was now gone.

Come to find out buddy's hubby had installed a signal booster on her cell phone that morning. It was boosting signals indiscriminately, causing her mouse to move when friend's mouse moved.

So, goes the story of chaos-mouse. Absolutely true!

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