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cleaning the harddrive
HoDog14 Apr-07-02 11:02 AM
how can I completly wipe out everything on my hard drive and start over again with practicly a new computer without Windows or any other information on it?

1. RE: cleaning the harddrive
DJ Net2Infinity Apr-07-02 11:50 AM
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Read http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/software/windows/upgrade/proced.htm

That should set you off in the right direction.

2. RE: cleaning the harddrive
Twinhead Apr-11-02 02:47 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Apr-11-02 AT 03:42 PM (EST)
You can do it with a utility LLFORMAT.EXE or do it manually with the DiskEditor from Norton Utilities.
(Both should be found on the Internet)
These can actually damage an IDE drive!
This is beceause they do it on a hardware level.
Programs can only do it on software level. (Less agressive)
The program used for the operation should be on a bootable Disk.
I have also written generic drivers for CD-Rom and Mice to regain access to a CD-Rom drive and a mouse when reinstalling Woindows 98.
(Normally the windows 98 disc is bootable by itself, but older systems cannot boot from CD-Roms.)
If you want me to sent you the files, simply sent me an e-mail.
My address: victorl1@wxs.nl

3. RE: cleaning the harddrive
DJ Net2Infinity Apr-11-02 06:21 PM
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Any normal windows 98 boot disk will provide the driver for your cd rom and also your mouse when the GUI of the installation starts. If you need a bootdisk and don't have one visit www.bootdisk.com.

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