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Modem Keeps Dialing in XP
Anchor 100 Apr-04-02 02:45 PM
Has anyone come across this problem in Windows XP Home edition ?

My modem continnually dials at five-minute intervals. Then, as soon as I click on an URL , or on send or receive, it infuriatingly disconnects.
There must be a virus or rogue program somewhere ?
PC-cillin 2002 is running with personall firewall enabled
It means I have to pull out the telephone plug from the wall socket and let the modem tell me that it can't find a dialling tone.
This is on the freeserve anytime package which is for any time of day or Night?
Freeserve think it could be the XP Firewall so disabled it no luck
Checked the re-dail time out 5secs.
Moved the re-connect to 2 mins.
Removed and Re-installed the Modem driver
Removed and re-set up the dial up connections etc both for Mail and IE6?
Any suggestions would be helpfull
Willing to give anythig a try

1. RE: Modem Keeps Dialing in XP
lbyard Apr-05-02 10:58 AM
In response to message 0
>or rogue program

Ctrl-Alt-Del and see what is running. Larry

2. RE: Modem Keeps Dialing in XP
Anchor 100 Apr-05-02 01:25 PM
In response to message 1
Larry we will give it a go as soon as i can get round to my colleague who lives in the next village
as i posted this for him as he could not get connected
l will let you know how it goes;-)

3. RE: Modem Keeps Dialing in XP
Anchor 100 Apr-06-02 02:38 PM
In response to message 1

I think we have cracked the modem problem. As a result of attempts to isolate various programs, the frequent dial up message was replaced by an equally frequent message asking what connection I wanted to use, viz.
Dialog Box
Freeeserve Anytime

The use of the word "Network "in the title bar led us to scrutinise Internet Explorer and Outlook Express once again and then to look at MSN Messenger for the first time. We then unchecked msmsgs in System Configuration/Start Up and the frequent attempts to redail, or to ask for a connection, stopped.

We then tried to locate the sub program within Messenger that was causing the problem, but could not find it. So we removed the entire Messenger folder from c:\program files and I have had no trouble since. Shan't re-install MSM for a while until we feel that the problem won't recur !

4. Nuking MS Messenger
lbyard Apr-08-02 01:41 PM
In response to message 3
http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/4/24708.html. Larry

5. RE: Nuking MS Messenger
Anchor 100 Apr-11-02 05:30 PM
In response to message 4
Larry Thanks!
Good Link and Messenger Nuked by the delete KEY best and simplest option

A little proggie link on this site gets rid of the constant re instllation when using the auto XP update insisted on by Microsoft

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