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video nuisance
darrenpatton Apr-02-02 04:10 PM
Hi everyone,
I have a problem and would like any input from anyone who may have an idea of what is causing it. When my computer is off and I turn the power on, the video settings goes to 640 x 480, 256 color and won't let me choose anything else. Then when I restart the computer without cutting the power the video settings that I had previously set, 1024 x 768, high color, comes up the way its supposed to, also then the option to choose other settings is available again too.I am running Win 98 SE, Voodoo 3 2000, AMD XP 1600, ECS K7S5A Mainboard, ...
Thanks for any ideas,

1. RE: video nuisance
lbyard Apr-02-02 04:53 PM
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Clues may be in http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q121319. Larry

2. RE: video nuisance
Twinhead Apr-03-02 10:14 AM
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Try this:

Restart in Safe mode.
Goto the Control panel and then into Device manager.
click the topic "Video adaptors" and see if you have more than one videoboard listed there.
Remove the ones that are no longer present.
Remove ALL items if they are double ore even moretimes listed. (YES, ALL, until ALL that items are gone.)
You can do a nice cleanup of your system by doing it with all of the topics in the Devicemanager.
There is ONE exeption!!
The topic, System devices, or as to say the one with that blue monitorscreen should be left alone. (I am Dutch and does not know the exact english word for that)
There ARE double entries in there who are ment to be.
Restart the system and Windows will reinstall them properly.


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