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auto dial
adi Mar-12-02 03:44 PM
hello guys ...

last week i was fixing a computer has this problem ...
there is a shortcut for the dial-up connection in the desktop , the weird that when I double click the shortcut is directly dail without promot me for the password or the username
so can anyone tell me how can i disable the auto dial
bytheway ... the computer has windows 98 SE installed
thx ADI

1. RE: auto dial
lbyard Mar-13-02 11:28 AM
In response to message 0
It's just a shortcut to a dial-up connection. To delete, right-click it and choose delete. That does not get rid of the actual connection. To get rid of that, open My Computer, Dialup Networking… Of course, you may not want to delete the actual connection if it is the one your browser and E-Mail program are using to connect to your service provider. Larry

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