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Epson 440 printer won't work
joyous4god2 Mar-09-02 04:58 PM
I purchased my Epson 440 Color Stylus printer in Dec 98 and have never had any problems with it until now. We moved and I had the computer, monitor, keyboard, printer, etc. in storage. Upon trying to print something saved in Works an error message came up on the screen. "No default printer selected. Use the Windows control panel to specify Your printer" So I tried to comply with these directions. Upon going into the control panel I found that there were two icons for my 44o printer. I promptly deleted one of the icons as instructed. Still it will not print. I would understand if the message was no ink in the printer as it is very possible that the ink is dried up or that the head needs to be cleaned. Help!

1. RE: Epson 440 printer won't work
ice6 Mar-11-02 01:30 PM
In response to message 0

hey well first you would have to check that the printer icon left is your printer and then you would have to check the plugs cables that sort of thing are all in the right place
if all on that side is fine and it still won't print then uninstall the printer then install it again
this should make it work

you don't say if you have a scanner plugged into your computer or not
but if you do check that there is not an irq conflict where the processor is not recieving information and then u would have to check in your system settings to see if there is a conflict of drivers or not
if not
then check the settings
of the irq in msconfig
just go to run type msconfig and go to the irq settings and manually change it there if this still does not work it may be that your printer is broken so take it to a dealer

from ice

mail back if you have other problems after that

2. RE: Epson 440 printer won't work
lbyard Mar-11-02 06:23 PM
In response to message 1
Clcik Start, Setting, Printers, rignt-click, select Select as default. If that doen't work follow Ice's advice, http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/troubleshoot/print/index.html, and steps on Epson's site (which, BTW, is pretty good). Larry

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