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installing USB Card
judy4482 Mar-07-02 11:04 AM
hello all i just recently installed a USB port card in my computer
it is a plug & play and pci compatiably.i think windows detected it
but i keep getting a prompt to load some drivers for it which it did not come with.it say insert windows 98 cd.this is a used computer and never had a windows cd with it.i went into the device manager too see
if it shows up and i see it and usb root hub i think marked.i want to hookup my scanner to to it but it is not working.i did intall a card on another computer about a year ago and everything went fine windows detected it and installed it with no problems i did not even need a windows 98 cd for it.can anyone tell me if i am doing something wrong and possiable solutions to get this card working.THANK YOU SO MUCH
BTW bothe computers are running windows 98 if that helps.

1. RE: installing USB Card
trumpetr Mar-07-02 12:41 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Mar-07-02 AT 12:41 PM (EST)
when it asks for the win98 cd just browse to C:\windows or C:\windows\system You may have to try either then switch to the other if it says you need the win98 CD again.

2. RE: installing USB Card
lbyard Mar-07-02 03:55 PM
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Also, try C:\windows\options\cabs. Larry

3. RE: installing USB Card
judy4482 Mar-07-02 04:18 PM
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Thanks a million guys i will try it out and see if i can get this thing going

4. RE: installing USB Card
judy4482 Mar-08-02 10:59 AM
In response to message 3
Hello Again Guys i am still having problems getting the USB to work
everytime i boot the computer up i get NEW HARDWARE FOUND
intel 82371sb PCI to USB universal host controller
windows is installing the software for your new hardware

and then i click ok
the file 'uhcd sys' on windows 98 cd-rom cannot be found
thats is it gets stuck there

can you maybe give me a little more insight to this problem
thanks for your help.........Judy

5. RE: installing USB Card
lbyard Mar-08-02 11:39 AM
In response to message 4
Try these steps (yes, they should be apllicable): http://duxcw.com/faq/network/nicsetup.htm. Larry

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