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Printer problem
GRS Mar-02-02 00:59 AM
Windows 98 SE, Network of 6 computers all running 98SE TCI/IP network protcol only. Two TCI/IP printers on the network. Konica and Brother (colour laser).

All machines run the same software. All machine but 1 print to the printers with no problems. One machine prints the first two print jobs and the stops. A message "error writting to 192.xxx.xxx.xxx There was a problem printing to the printer due to an unknown system error. Restart windows and try again"

Well you restart and print the next two print jobs and the same thing happens again.

In trying to find this problem I looked at the Windows/spool/printers folder. you see ther first print job enter the folder 0001.SHD, then the second job 0002.SHD On the thrid print job I see 0003.SHD and then directly underneath I see 0003.spl with the words "Shockwave flash" beside it. At this point you can not send anything to the printer.

The only way is to reboot the machine.

I have looked on one of the other machines that works fine with the printer and I see the same sort of thing but the .spl file always disappears as the print job is started leaving just the SHD file.

Has any one any ideas? The Shockwave /flash may be misleading but this stage I can not find out what is causing the problem. I am sure it is not network related, drivers etc have been removed and re installed. The registary has been cleaned and checked plus other housekeeing has been done. Unwanted software removed using their unistall programs.

1. RE: Printer problem
jmatt Mar-04-02 06:43 AM
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This is Shockwave > www.macromedia.com

Look in you comp for macromedia & shockwave , this includes a search in the registry .

2. RE: Printer problem
lbyard Mar-04-02 11:35 AM
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I assume the computer that has the problem is trying to print to a printer on one of the other computers. I would first try swapping network cables on the computer with the problem. Larry

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