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ms backup.exe
wayne1921 Feb-23-02 06:21 PM
HI again, long time no come. Have tried using ms backup and can only back up to my hard disk when in the LOG menu. How do you back up to a CD-ROM or CD-RW drive. In the back up to BOX I have only "File". Do I wait for the backup to complete on my HD and then transfer to a Rom drive?? What brought this up was a reference to DosFix 3 at http://overclocks.com/

Thank you for any info on this, Wane1921

1. RE: ms backup.exe
jmatt Feb-28-02 01:09 AM
In response to message 0

No Hands Backup 1.2 Beta 2 Updated!
No Hands Backup is an easy to use backup application. After selecting
the source directories (the material you want to backup) NHB recreates
the original folder structure by copying new or changed files to the
backup, and by deleting files and folders from the backup that have
been deleted in the source directory. In that way, an exact dublicate
of your selected folders and files are created somewhere else, i.e.
the file system on the destination will be an exact image of the
original one. When run again, only changed files are updated. Perfect
to use with CeQuadrat PacketCD.


BASK is a synchronization-based backup and restore utility. It allows you to specify a source
and destination along with a mapping, a pattern to include, and a pattern and folders to
exclude. You can determine file set differences through the date, time, and size of the source
and destination files, or by checking the source file's archive attributes. With BASK's 19 file
set operations, you can back up, restore, and delete files in a number of useful ways.

2. RE: ms backup.exe
wayne1921 Feb-28-02 02:07 PM
In response to message 1
jmatt, thank you for your info, will look into it. In the mean time I used Adaptec DirectCD (Now Roxio) to copy the files but there is no restore. Probably have to copy them back to their original destinations. Thanks again, Wayne1921

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