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sound slows and flutters when scrolling web pages
DT71 Feb-11-02 05:12 AM
this is a problem ive had with 2 different machines and in the second machine 2 different sound cards.The only thing that hasnt changed is the mouse. so im thinking it may be an issue with the mouse driver but wondered if anyone else had this problem. Also the 1st machine was an emachine with 98se restore, this one is a dfi p3 1ghz with se clean install so even configs are different. 1st i thought it was the soundcard, a yamaha dxg, because that was in the emachine then transfered to this one. Tonight I enabled the onboard audio thinking i would be all set and here it is still. It will do it even if you dont use the wheel but just the scroll bar on the web page. tahnx for help in advance. this is really driving me crazy Dave

1. RE: sound slows and flutters when scrolling web pages
lbyard Feb-11-02 06:16 PM
In response to message 0
Maybe you are just loading down the computer with too many startup programs… Start, Run, enter msconfig… As I recall some (all?) E-Machines share system memory with video instead of having separate video memory and that may have been causing it then and something else may be causing it now… Yes, you could has an IRQ conflict (http://duxcw.com/faq/irq/irq.htm) with mouse, but that will also likely be locking-up your computer. Look in Start, Settings, Control Panel, Device Manager, for exclamation marks and run the conflict troubleshooter if you see any. You may also have multiple drivers installed for the same device. Larry

2. RE: sound slows and flutters when scrolling web pages
DT71 Feb-11-02 06:30 PM
In response to message 1
hi larry. thanks. i always remove programs from startup in msconfig or startup folder. Also, the mouse is on its own irq. ive gone away from blaming the mouse because if u use the arrow keys
the same effect happens. most noticeable on web pages. Now, in sys info, the audio controller, ethernet nic and irq for pci irq steering are all sharing irq 11. But i cant manually change the irq
in device manager. 5 is free so i wanted to throw one of those items to 5. Its crazy that both machines did this. The emachine doesnt do it anymore since i took that dxg card out and re enabled onboard sound. then in the dfi box the dxg did the same thing so i thought fo shure it was a bad s.c. but still with on board sound on this box its there.sorry about being redundent. Dave

3. RE: sound slows and flutters when scrolling web pages
DT71 Feb-12-02 04:44 AM
In response to message 2
i just thought of something else. the video card came from the emachine too. its an old voodoo rush extreme. Could it be a video problem. seems that the more graphics displayed the worse the sound gets. doesnt change pitch just slows down during wav or mp3 play.
Useful if u want to learn guitar licks i guess, just drag a window around the screen till u get it right. see ya, Dave

4. RE: sound slows and flutters when scrolling web pages
DT71 Feb-28-02 10:19 PM
In response to message 3
just to close this issue: it was the video card.
An old voodoo extreme. I tried manually changing the irq settings both in bios and in windows but nothing helped. I went with a gforce
agp board and all components are happy. Thanks for the forums. Learning alot just browsing these pages. Dave

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