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Is it the Power Supply?
abNORMal Feb-05-02 01:23 PM
MB-AOpen AP5T, 233MMX, 200W PS
I'm replacing a possibly bad hard drive (4 G) with a Maxtor 30 G (7200 rpm)drive and I can't get the thing to boot.

I'm booting with diskette.
It starts to post, gets to listing the drives, then recycles and starts over again. It will do this as long as I let it. It doesn't matter whether the old or new HD is connected.

Plugged into the power supply are the MB, a floppy, a CD, and a HD.
By uplugging the new hard drive, I was able to get it to boot to the A:\ drive once, but without a HD, where do you go from there?

I was also able to hit the Del key and get the bios menu up, but after a few moments, it restarts.

So, is it likely the PS is too small? No good?

1. RE: Is it the Power Supply?
lbyard Feb-05-02 04:08 PM
In response to message 0
You may have knocked something loose. Try reseating expansion boards and memory. Check all cables—press on the connectors to be sure they are fully seated. Shake the computer and listen for a loose screw. Murphy puts them in computers when people aren’t looking. More at http://duxcw.com/faq/mb/mb.htm. Larry

2. RE: Is it the Power Supply?
abNORMal Feb-06-02 12:20 PM
In response to message 1

Was able to scrounge a 230W power supply and that seemd to do it.

Murphy hang's around your place too??? I thought he was concentrating on me!


3. RE: Is it the Power Supply?
lbyard Feb-06-02 03:35 PM
In response to message 2
That could have been the problem. On the other hand, you would be surprised how many of those “defective” power supplies work when reinstalled. Larry

4. RE: Is it the Power Supply?
abNORMal Feb-12-02 01:50 PM
In response to message 1

I didn't remove the old PS when I tested. I just unhooked it from all the peripherals and hooked one up externally, which I had removed from another machine. I suppose one of the MB connections could have been loose, but I did check them all before I tried the 230W PS.

I think the (200W) power supply was just too small for what it was expected to run.

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