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Checking Power Supply Voltages
toughguyjack Jan-31-02 04:34 PM
What is the proper way to check the voltages coming from a Power supply?

I'm familiar with using a VoltOhm Meter but don't know where to place the (-) and ( ) leads to check the different voltages.



1. RE: Checking Power Supply Voltages
lbyard Jan-31-02 06:35 PM
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You might be able to check them in the motherboard CMOS Setup. Plus goes to plus and minus goes to ground. Reverse the leads to test negative voltages. See http://duxcw.com/faq/ps/ps.htm. That multimeter is not very good for measuring noise on regulated voltages, which is the likely cause or power supply problems with memory, etc. That has to be done with someone who knows how to use an oscilloscope and other test equipment. The fastest thing to do is simply substitute a known good power supply. That's what I do. Larry

2. RE: Checking Power Supply Voltages
toughguyjack Feb-13-02 08:42 PM
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Thanks for the usual sound information.


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