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software copy
wally2117 Jan-21-02 02:55 PM

Just a little question.

I've made a safety copy of an original software that was on 4 floppy disks to 4 brand new formated floppy.

I've used the diskcopy that is in the context menu(right-click) to make the operation.

Is it possible, that when I'll reuse the original
disks, that I can see a copy of the disks has been done.

Is there something on the original that could keep
somewhere, a record that a copy has been made. Some kind of copyright protection?

Detail:I've forgot to check if the originals were write protected. So, may be they weren't.


2. RE: software copy
lbyard Jan-21-02 05:29 PM
In response to message 0
I don't see how something on a floppy can cause a computer running the diskcopy command to write a thing to the source floppy if it has the write-protect tab in the protect position. Disk copy reads o's and one's from a floppy and writes them to another. This is an image copy and I do not see how anything on a floppy could cause the computer to record the event during the process. It may be possible to transfer something (e.g., a virus to a computer during the process, but I do not see how that virus, etc. could effect the copy program so that it would write anything to the source floppy while it is still running from memory. Other copy/backup programs that do a file copy may reset the archive bit. Larry

3. RE: software copy
wally2117 Jan-22-02 06:44 AM
In response to message 2
The software with the original floppy was reinstalled on another computer and then tells that a copy was made. There's no relation between the 2 computer, the one that make the copy and the other that I've reinstall the software with the original disks.

I think that there's a utility software on the original floppy disks that collect the info about the copies that could be made. That tells that the original disks weren't write protected.


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