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power problem
petemaher Jan-20-02 07:32 PM
I have just bought a new ATX power supply and when I plug in the CPU fan molex plug to the power molex the red wire of the fan seens to be alligned to the yellow wire of the power supply. I dont want to turn the machine on incase something blows. Can anyone tell me if the colour of the wires should match up

1. RE: power problem
lbyard Jan-21-02 05:15 PM
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They should match-up. Larry

2. RE: power problem
petemaher Jan-21-02 06:51 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks! larry

I also have a cold cathode UV light in my case which does not mach up. Seems a bit wierd!!
Dont suppose you know if these would blow if it was wired the wrong way round?

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