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Compatible Power Supplies for Aptiva???
Simon Jan-12-02 02:38 AM
I have a few questions I've been wrestling with for the past week. I need to replace my Aptiva 2158 power supply. My Aptiva has a 350mhz AMD, a microtower case with a power supply that is 95W. I've read that the Aptiva connectors that plug into the motherboard are not necessarily ATX but particular to IBM systems and I might need to shell out more for an exact replacement to my power supply. How can I tell for sure what kind of connectors I have? They look like regular connectors. Will a higher wattage power supply be safe for my system? Will an ATX power supply fit inside my microtower case? I'm guessing I need to have the exact dimensions. And finally, can I assume that microtower means the same as mini-ATX? I'd sure appreciate any help you can offer.

1. followup...
Simon Jan-12-02 07:22 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Jan-12-02 AT 07:57 AM (GMT)

After a bit more searching I've discovered that microtower is not the same as mini-ATX and I've found a power supply that has the same dimensions including screw placement as my old one. It looks like the board uses a standard ATX plug but I read that IBM uses different wiring for the power supplies. Is this true? Anyone have any experience replacing a power supply in an Aptiva? Am I stuck getting the same part and paying twice as much?

2. RE: followup...
lbyard Jan-12-02 06:54 PM
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Increasing the wattage should not be a problem...

ATX pin-out:
http://duxcw.com/faq/ps/ps.htm (bottom of page)

The following link suggests that is a generic ATX spec: http://beals.org/~bandy/730t/servicepac.de.ibm.com/eprmhtml/eprmb/f1313.htm
It links toÖ
I canít vouch for the info at the second and third links. Do it at your own risk. Larry

3. Excellent.
Simon Jan-12-02 11:01 PM
In response to message 2
That second link with the ATX link was a real help. Thanks for the info. I checked the specs on the power supply I plan to buy (not easy since most sites seem to carry little more than a crummy thumbnail and a price) and it matches up exactly with the ATX specs on thoses pages and also the colors on the connector I'm using now. I'm gonna go for it. I should know for sure within a week or two.

4. Just received the power supply
Simon Jan-18-02 05:53 AM
In response to message 3
And it works!!! Fits like a glove. Thanks again for the help. So cool I didn't need to shell out a ton for an IBM replacement.

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