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Problems come when one of the hardisk fail
terenceybw Dec-28-01 09:14 AM
Hi, at first my PC was running just a single hardisk (3 partition). After that, I discovered that I still got 1 old hardisk(2GB, single partition under good condition, no any bad sector after formated), so I decide to connect it as a slave for backup purpose.

But after 2-3 months, this old hardisk reported failed (noisy and can't be detected), so what I do is I remove it out from my PC and restart it, and then problems come...When I double clicks My Computer icon, the windows appear very very slow (after 3 times when the CD-ROM light blinking and stop, something like when u place a CD into the CD-ROM and then the CD-ROM start took to read it some contents). When the My Computer's windows fully appeared, it show that 2 CD-ROM icons, meaning previously I got A (Floppy), C (Master HD-1st partition), D (Slave HD), E (Master HD-2nd partition), F (Master HD-3rd partition), G (CD-ROM) has become A (Floppy), C (Master HD-1st partition), D (Master HD-2nd partition), E (Master HD-3rd partition), F (CD-ROM), G (CD-ROM)

pls help.


1. RE: Problems come when one of the hardisk fail
lbyard Dec-28-01 08:42 PM
In response to message 0
Delete the extra CD-ROM drive G: in Start, Settings, Control Panel, system, Device Manger. Drive letter assignments can be changed in the Device Manger by right-clicking the drive, Properties, Settings. The Primary boot partition must be C: There may be a startup program trying to access CD-ROM drive with itís old letter. User Start, Run, msconfig to find it. Larry

2. RE: Problems come when one of the hardisk fail
terenceybw Dec-29-01 04:35 PM
In response to message 1
yo Larry, thanks for your help and I now manage to solve this problem ^_^

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