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How to use a Mic on Line-in jack?
bl4ckn1ght Jul-26-00 11:12 PM
Hi there, need help with this problem: my notebook miss a microphone jack conspicuously. It only has a Line-in and a Line-out. How do i use a mic with the line-in jack? I'm not able to record anything if i just connect it straight. Thanx.

1. RE: How to use a Mic on Line-in jack?
lbyard Jul-27-00 01:25 PM
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The mike impedance should roughly match the Line In impedance. There are high and low inpedance interfaces. The mike jack should physically match the Line In jack. There are all kinds of jacks and plugs. Most are either min-stero or mini-mono. Other than that I have not done it and imagine you must have some software running to record. Larry

2. RE: How to use a Mic on Line-in jack?
diletante Jul-27-00 03:10 PM
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If you have tried plugging in a mic, then you have got one that matches the connector on Line In. Since it didn't work, the mic probably needs a small voltage that a mic input would supply. You can make a mic (using an element from Radio Shack, a battery, and a couple of small parts) that will work with the Line In input. I haven't done this in a while, so I am not able to remember the details, but if you consider building something an option, email me. You might also be able to buy a mic that either doesn't require power or has its own.


3. RE: How to use a Mic on Line-in jack?
Vinz Nov-13-00 11:16 PM
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Like Rob said:
The voltage that a Mic produces is a vew milivolts.
The voltage line-in needs is 1 Volt.
So you should amplifi the signal of the Mic.
Such a microphoonpreamplifier needs normaly about 12 Volts to operate, you could probably addapt that from your computer.
Than you connect your mic to the input of it and the output goes to the Line-in of your Pc.
Such microphoonpreamplifier costs about 10 dollars if you assembly it yourselfe.
Good luck!


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