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Problems printing from word processing applications.
fishnet372 Dec-09-01 09:04 PM
Hello. I'm having problems printing to my Epson ActionPrinter 3250. I'm using Windows 2000 Pro. Whenever I try to print from a word processiong application such as StarOffice or WordPad, there is always a horizontal gap between the top part of the first line of text and the bottom part. I've tried removing the driver and reinstalling it, but that didn't help. I did the printer's self-test, and it worked fine. Would anyone be able to help me?

1. RE: Problems printing from word processing applications.
lbyard Dec-11-01 05:05 PM
In response to message 0
Are you sure it isn’t printing a dot where a dot should be on just the first line and not at all in a test page? What is the print quality, font, etc. of the line you see the problem in as compared to other lines. The reason I am asking these questions, is a pin that is worn-out or stuck in the print head usually causes a streak in a line of print by a dot matrix printer. A bad logic board or a fault in the flat cable that connects the head to the logic board can also cause a pin in the head not to print. Depending on the print quality, font, etc. not all of the 24-pins in a 24-pin printer are used to form characters in a line. So, you may not see a stuck pin in all lines. A magnifying glass may be useful for looking at the print. Larry

2. RE: Problems printing from word processing applications.
fishnet372 Dec-11-01 11:23 PM
In response to message 1
I know it's not a worn-out or stuck pin, because the text comes out fine in a printer self-test. When I said there was a gap, I meant a gap that's about an inch high. Whenever I print from StarOffice or WordPad, I can see the print head move across on the first pass, then it advances too far and continues printing, and the rest of the lines are printed correctly.

3. RE: Problems printing from word processing applications.
lbyard Dec-12-01 04:45 PM
In response to message 1

“Missing characters/Lines through text

Some video drivers may cause a conflict in memory between the printer driver and video memory. Try changing to the Windows video driver provided by Microsoft or check to see if the video card manufacturer has an updated video driver available. This is often the cause of strange printing problems such as missing characters or lines through through the printed document.

Broken printhead pins may also cause this problem. If the problem continues when performing the printer's self test then the printhead is most likely the problem. This would need to be serviced by an Epson authorized repair center.”

I was referring to the second problem. The first problem may be the one you are having.
Also see http://files.support.epson.com/pdf/ap3250/ap3250ps.pdf.

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