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Sudden shut off of system
lp1raddad Nov-10-01 06:16 PM
I have built a Athlon 1.0g with a ASUS A7v motherboard, running Windows 2000. Been working fine, now suddenly , without warning, suddenly just shuts down. It will reboot without giving an error message. Any thoughts??


1. RE: Sudden shut off of system
Aehs Nov-10-01 09:04 PM
In response to message 0
I had this same problem, my onboard sound was messed up and caused my computer to restart at random. My setup was comepletly different though so that may not be the same problem for you. Could be your power supply.

2. RE: Sudden shut off of system
lbyard Nov-10-01 09:42 PM
In response to message 1
This is almost always caused by a hardware problem. Try reseating all boards and memory. Look for possible shorts (loose screw, chaffed cable, bent monitor pin, etc.). Be sure all screws holding the motherboard to the case are tight, making good contact, but not over-torqued. Check the front panel connectors going to the motherboard. Yes, the power supply could be defective. Make sure all chips with sockets are fully seated. The motherboard could have a hairline crack, but that does not happen often anymore. Larry

3. RE: Sudden shut off of system
lp1raddad Nov-10-01 11:27 PM
In response to message 2
Thanks for the helpful hints. Did find a slightly loose modem, but otherwise everything else seemed OK. I was also thinking about temperture problems, and I couldn't find how to check it out with my system BIOS. Is this a possibility, or does it behave differently when the system overheats?

4. RE: Sudden shut off of system
Aehs Nov-11-01 00:08 AM
In response to message 3
It would most like likely freeze the computer if it was overheating from what I've seen. Check this out for a temp monitor http://www.voodoofiles.com/177

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