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Power supply and motherboard compatability
bugner Jul-08-00 04:23 PM
I want to find out if a Tyan Trinity 400 motherboard will work in a Aopen/Acer HX08 full tower case, but have been told to check what voltage the 300w power supply runs at as Tyan board states it requires a 3.3v standby for all PCI slots, Dimm banks etc...

Please advise.


1. RE: Power supply and motherboard compatability
lbyard Jul-08-00 05:35 PM
In response to message 0
The motherboard book, which I just downloaded, says, “Tyan recommends using an ATX power supply that conforms to industry standard revision 2.01.” That is the ATX 2.01 standard. The HX08 power supply conforms to that standard. I think the message is more a warning to unplug the power cord than it is some new ATX power supply requirement. In other words, I believe it will work or Tyan will have a big problem selling the motherboards. Larry

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