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power supply & motherboard
stupd2day Jul-03-00 03:40 PM
I building a new system,using a soyo6ba 4 motherboard,128Mb ram,2 hard drives WD & Maxtor 20gig&40gig,50x acer CD-ROM, HP9300 CD_RW 10x,creative labs annihilator pro video card,sound blaster platinum live sound card,intel celeron 433Mhtz Cpu (not overclocked)Diamond Supra Modem.
I set the board in,plugged in the memory,CPU,video card (Connected to Monitor)got it to boot to setup and bios,let it set to the defaults,powered down,connected all the rest of the system,floppy,hard drives (2),Cd-ROM,CD-RW,sound card,checked all connections, powered it up,but it would not even turn the fans (the cpu fan,video card fan,case fans,power supply fan etc.)
swapped power supply,nothing,removed all but cpu,memory,video card nothing,swapped power cords,nothing!!!!!!!
Am I properly grounded to case? Is power supply faulty( is there a way to test it without it being connected to motherboard?)HELP........

1. RE: power supply & motherboard
lbyard Jul-04-00 01:14 PM
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Something is probably shorted (or was shorted) somewhere. Try plugging power into the wall--in case the surge protector has a blown fuse or circuit breaker. Pull the motherboard and make sure you don't have a loose screw or extra stand-off shorting it out. See FAQs, Motherboards and Power Supplies. Larry

2. RE: power supply & motherboard
1802ta Nov-30-00 11:46 AM
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It's highly probable that the problem is due to a faulty power supply. I have the exact same problem
with a new MB and PSU I bought, the first motherboard was killed, so I got a replacement, and that's been killed as well. I've taken great care in the handling and installation of both MBs, and the wall power socket is ok, or my old MB should be dead as well.

3. RE: power supply & motherboard
lbyard Nov-30-00 03:57 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Nov-30-00 AT 03:59 PM (GMT)

I now see that I previously answered this question and now I have answered it again. This post has more detail and some other options, so I will not remove it... Larry

See our power supply FAQs at http://duxcw.com/faq/ps/ps.htm for the answer to your question. However, I would first attempt to restore the computer back to where it was when it last worked. That, is disconnect ALL of the cables to all of the drives and all of the drive cables to the motherboard, pull all boards except video, and make sure the memory is properly seated. Make sure nothing is intermittently shorting the bottom of the motherboard; e.g., a loose screw. Suggest plugging one thing in at a time and booting once you get the motherboard working (see our How To Build Your Own Computer articles for details). Restoring the CMOS to defaults in the CMOS Setup does not always have the same effect as discharging the CMOS with the jumper found on most motherboards. If you reset the BIOS with the jumper make sure the computer is unplugged. Some motherboards can be damaged if the jumper is in the discharge position and power is applied to the motherboard. Larry

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