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dual, dual-head video cards
sibrag Jun-30-00 04:00 AM
Does anyone know of any possible conflicts using two Matrox Millenium G400 dual head cards (to be installed on one Epox-7kxa based system)? Having 3 or 4 monitors is a must - I am presently using 3 ATI xpert 98 cards (1 agp +2 pci) and they do work just fine, but as I am rolling a new system, I thought I would upgrade the cards as well ....maybe.



1. RE: dual, dual-head video cards
lbyard Jun-30-00 12:45 PM
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I wish you luck. Larry

2. RE: dual, dual-head video cards
javajolt Oct-04-00 03:06 AM
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hi...did you resolve your video card delima. there is a card that will support 4 monitors on one board.

you can find it at here,


it is expensive but worth the money.

hope this helps,

3. RE: dual, dual-head video cards
gdmcburney Oct-04-00 04:36 PM
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We have been using the Color Graphic cards Predator and Evolution. They have 2 and 4 port cards that work great.

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