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Internet Sharing with Win2000
akmour Oct-19-01 06:48 AM
I have 2 PC'c with Windows 2000 Pro and 1 PC with Windows 98 and am having a problem with the internet sharing,I have 1 Win2000 PC setup with the internet,and I'm using the TCP/IP protocol with an ISDN Netmod (modem) but nothing works, do you have any suggestions? Is there any programs other than Windows Internet Sharing that I could probably use? If so please notify me,thank you for your time.

1. RE: Internet Sharing with Win2000
lbyard Oct-19-01 03:14 PM
In response to message 0
Please provide more information about your network and TCP/IP configurations. How is the MODEM connected to your computer? Larry

2. RE: Internet Sharing with Win2000
akmour Oct-19-01 07:46 PM
In response to message 1
The first computer with Win2000 has the NetMod (ISDN) connected to the serial port and the TCP/IP on that computer is set to with workgroup name WORKGROUP,the second computer has Win2000 and the TCP/IP is set to and the third computer with Win98SE has the TCP/IP set to the SUBNET MASK is set to on all three computers. I hope I've helped you out with the Info I've provided you awaiting your reply thank you...

3. RE: Internet Sharing with Win2000
lbyard Oct-19-01 07:56 PM
In response to message 2
You may have a DHCP server running on the ICS host and it may be conflicting with your static IPs. Setting the TCP/IP properties to obtain IPs automatically on the computers without the ISDN connection and running ipconfig from the cmd prompt to release and renew the IP leases could verify that. Larry

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