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PCI Device Drivers not found
stevetag Oct-18-01 04:28 PM
I have installed a new modem and sound board on my HP that had an intergrated combo.

I have loaded all the drivers. However, when I reboot I get the message that Windows has foundnew hardware and is looking for the drivers.

It tells me it is a PCI device, but I have put in my orginal factory restore and restore applications CD's and my Windows ME upgrade CD and can't find the drivers to whatever this device is.

When I go into control panel and run diagnostics on the new modem, I get an error message saying it can't communicate with the modem.

In Device Mgr. the PCI device is listed with a yellow question mark and listed uner other - it does not say what it is.

If I click on the modem in device manager, it tells me the com port is not registered (com 1 is listed in device manager and in modem properties).

HELP, please.

1. RE: PCI Device Drivers not found
lbyard Oct-18-01 08:11 PM
In response to message 0
Your problem is probably caused by an interrupt (http://duxcw.com/faq/irq/irq.htm) conflict. The KISS principle suggests that it is better to install and test new expansion boards one at a time… I would pull both boards, uninstall all of the drivers and new board-related software, and start over. This may be rather difficult as some files may remain behind. Before installing the boards, however, I would go into the motherboard CMOS Setup and disable all motherboard resources (e.g., COM ports and on board audio) that you are not going to use. Remove all COM ports in the Device Manager before attempting the MODEM install. I would install the soundboard first. If you still get exclamation marks, try the Windows resource conflict troubleshooter, albeit it has little practical utility in many cases.

Sometimes one has to hunt in the various directories of the install and Windows disks to find the files that setup is looking for. Sometimes one has to point it back to the original directory on the CD or floppy that came with the board because Setup tries to find it in the directory where Windows was installed. Sometimes it can be found on the hard disk in C:\windows\system from a previous install. One should never tire and skip the file. Once in a blue moon new drivers for the board have to be downloaded from the manufacturer’s web site because the install disk is indeed missing the file. Look at/search the install floppy, etc. on another computer if you need to find the file and you don’t want to start over. Larry

2. RE: PCI Device Drivers not found
stevetag Oct-18-01 08:31 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry, I will follow your instructions.

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