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Power Supply won't come on
punisherman Feb-25-00 01:45 AM
I just built this thing following the guide on this web site. When I plug in the cable and turn on the computer nothing happens. The fan in the supply doesn't move. Now if I unplug it and plug it back in the fan moves a jolt but that's it. I can hear a very light buzz so I know it's getting power. Do I have a jumper on my motherboard set wrong?

1. RE: Power Supply won't come on
Havoc3 Feb-25-00 07:02 AM
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You might be grounding the motherboard out to the case. Check to make sure that there are no metal parts directly connecting the motherboard to the case (paper washers help with the mounting screws...or use the plastic ones if you can). Try everything out of the case, and see if it turns on .

2. RE: Power Supply won't come on
punisherman Feb-25-00 11:35 AM
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Outstanding!! There was a mounting screw attached to the case but not to a hold through the motherboard, so it was just sitting on the screw. Thanks man.

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