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PC Card Troubleshooting Agent
terenceybw Oct-11-01 02:19 AM
I've 1 notebook here, the model is DELL Inspirion 3500 and I'm using the Xircom's CreditCard Ethernet Modem 33.6, my OS is Windows 98, this PC Card all the days working fine but today it seems not responding, so i try to take it out and insert it again. After I inserted it, a message come out like this:

"Windows is not able to identify or use the inserted PC card device because there is no memory area available before this device can be used.

Check your CONFIG.SYS file for a memory manager that is excluding uppper memory regions between A000 and FFFF"

I've try another PC Card but still the same problem, and I didn't found and Memory Manager inside the Config.sys. Plz help, Thanks

1. RE: PC Card Troubleshooting Agent
lbyard Oct-11-01 04:28 PM
In response to message 0
Scan for a virus. Larry

2. RE: PC Card Troubleshooting Agent
atiugk Oct-16-01 01:41 AM
In response to message 1
Most likely the memory allocation is corrupted.

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