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deleting files over the network
Orange Sep-11-01 00:58 AM
Hi I deleted some documents sitting on an NT 4 server from my pc. Is there any way of retrieving those documents? they arn't in either recycling bin. Is there a way to make them go to the recycle bin?

3. RE: deleting files over the network
lbyard Sep-11-01 05:08 AM
In response to message 0
That was/is one of the big pluses of Novell over NT and I just don't know why Microsoft has not included a salvage capability with NT. Maybe they do not feel a compelling urge to compete and make “great products”? I don't know of a way to retrieve the files without using something for NT equivalent to the Norton Utilities for DOS. If the server has had considerable stuff written to it since the misfortune it is unlikely that they can be retrieved. Can you restore the files from a backup? Larry

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