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Front Page 2000 and Netscape
oli Sep-02-01 04:36 AM
Can anyone help me to make my FP 2000 created pages display correctly in IE and Netscape? I have been trying for some time now to create web pages that display well in IE and Netscape using Front Page 2000. Although I've had some success (and IE doesn't pose problems)it has taken hours of shifting objects and tables until I had the desired result in both browsers. It is very frustrating and I have no idea why, in the end, it worked. There appears to be little consistency (although I'm certain there are rules to follow - I just don't know them). Typically, the pages content will be all over the place when displayed with Netscape, while being perfect in IE. Naturally I have FP configured to create pages compatible with both browsers of early edition (4.0 or later) but I slill have to spend hours trying to get it right. Please help!

1. RE: Front Page 2000 and Netscape
lbyard Sep-02-01 03:44 PM
In response to message 0
I have the same sort of problems and spend many hours trying to fix them. However, except for my home page (and I have not been able to get even that page 100% compatible), I do not try as hard to make pages absolutely compatible with Netscape anymore as, depending on what statistics one reads, 70% to 90% of the browsers in use are now IE. And I do not test with browsers older than Netscape 4.7 any more. Like it or not, IE is now the standard. Perhaps I could help some more if you could provide a link to the page(s) that you are having problems with. Larry

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