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DOS mouse
Dean Aug-31-01 11:48 AM
Anyone know how to get a serial mouse to work in DOS ?
I tried loading msmouse driver to windows system directory , no joy there.

Dean ( New Zealand)

1. RE: DOS mouse
lbyard Aug-31-01 02:26 PM
In response to message 0
Put a line to load the mouse driver in the C:\config.sys; e.g., devicehigh=mouse.sys
Or a mouse executable in the C:\autoexec.bat file; e.g., loadhigh
mouse.exe or loadhigh mouse.com
The mouse driver may have a different name. If the driver/excutable is not in the root directory, specify the path; e.g., loadhigh C:\mouse\mouse.com. If you don’t have a DOS driver, you may be able to find one on the manufacturer’s web site or find a generic driver that will work elsewhere on the Internet. Some mouse drivers require flags/paramaters in addition to the basic driver. Larry

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