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Power Management Problems
diletante Jun-11-00 04:00 AM
It is hard to decide which forum this belongs in. I started out with plans to swap my PCI video card out in favor of a newer AGP card. (That was supposed to be a quick change before I started trying to do some IRQ trouble shooting to fix a stuttering sound card.) I ended up with a monitor that shuts down during suspend and won't wake up.

Here is the story. I am using a MVP3C2 with a USR ISA modem and a SN2000 ISA NIC. The sound card is a Creative SB PCI 128, and the video was an ATI Mach 64GX PCI. 2 IRQs are reserved for ISA cards in the BIOS, 5 and 11. The NIC is on 11, and the modem got 5. USB is disabled to free up another IRQ, and it looks like there are plenty to go around.

The new video card is an ATI Rage IIc. Getting the drivers installed and working was nasty. The video quit working entirely and I kept having to go to Safe mode and delete the adapter. Through stubborness and luck, it finally worked, but this was a case where I am not sure what I did right to make it happen. It seemed like the motherboard chipset or the Bios really didn't like this new board. The ATI web pages mentioned problems with drivers for the MVP3 chipset or something. I was just getting ready to try that when somehow everything started working -- almost.

Power management is enabled in the BIOS. The defaults are in effect for everything associated with this, I think. With the previous video board, the machine would go to sleep and the monitor would shut down. Moving the mouse or something would bring it back. Now with the Rage IIc video, it goes to sleep, but the monitor won't wake up. The monitor is a Gateway Vivitron 1776. It was easy enough to change the settings so that the video won't go to sleep, but I would like to fix this. Any ideas? I am going to try to learn something about the motherboard drivers and power management.

1. RE: Power Management Problems
lbyard Jun-11-00 02:32 PM
In response to message 0
Rob, I have used Rage IIC boards with G2 and C2 boards without incident (once installed). What version of Windows are you running? If itís 95 be sure to install the VIA 4-in-1 drivers. In particular, you will probably have IRQ problems with the NIC if the IRQ miniport driver is not installed. You do not need the VIA IRQ driver for Win 98. In the CMOS Setup, assign an IRQ to the video card and set the First video card from PCI to AGP. Eanble OS is PnP Aware to permit PCI IRQ sharing. The monitor problem could be the monitor. My old, beat-up bench monitor has the same problem. Sometimes the relay kicks-in and sometimes it doesnít--especially when it is cold. I just hold the power in until it catches. I normally disable the monitor sleep functions; I donít like them, screen savers can be used, and I have seen problems with them. You may have a bad video card. The MODEM is probably causing the sound problem. Look at your config.sys and autoexec.bat files. You may see SB16-compatible, real-mode driver settings using IRQs 5 and 10. Sometimes the problem is caused by a DMA conflict. Disable COM: 2 on the motherboard and try to force the MODEM into C0M2: IRQ 3. 3COM has some pretty good USR troubleshooting stuff on their site. The problems you are having are, unfortunately, quite typical. Larry

2. RE: Power Management Problems
diletante Jun-12-00 03:10 AM
In response to message 1
Wow, that's alot to chew on. I won't have time tonight, so it will probably be a while before I get things straightened out. This is a busy house.

I am running W'98se. I have the latest drivers from Via (4-in-1, ver. 4.22) downloaded, but not installed. Should I install them? It sounds like I may not need to, but would it hurt?

I looked at the Config and Autoexec files, and there is a line in there for Sound Blaster compatibility. I was going to get the modem off IRQ 5, but I hadn't decided what to give it. I am possibly the only person on the planet that actually uses both com ports. If I rewire one of the interfaces from my ham equipment to the computer, I could use an A/B switch and free up one com port. A quick and easy solution would be nice. Here is one idea -- buy a new NIC that is a PCI card. Maybe I could give IRQ 11 to the modem then. Sounds too easy, but it might be worth a try and I want a 10/100 card anyway.

Regarding the video and the BIOS settings. I will have to look closely in Setup and see if I can do as you suggest. I feel like I missed something, because I don't recall the place where you can set the first video card to PCI or AGP. Also, I didn't see where you could set the IRQ for the AGP video. Anyway, that is good information that I am going to look into.

By the way, the shut down patch for W'98se didn't help my shut down problem, so I may still have a power management issue buried under all this. I'll get back with some results in a few days.

3. RE: Power Management Problems
lbyard Jun-12-00 12:48 PM
In response to message 2
The power management problem may indicate a program/driver that Windows can't shut-down because of an IRQ conflict. It may be related to the sound card. Windows may be trying to say bye bye but runs into a wall when it accesses the sound card. Turn-off the exit sound in the Control Panel to verify. Larry

4. RE: Power Management Problems
diletante Jun-15-00 01:33 PM
In response to message 3
I finally got around to working on this some more. I worked on the IRQ issues, and did some other trouble shooting on the shutdown problem.

It was easy to move the modem off IRQ5 and let the sound card have it. The modem grabbed COM2, which is a conflict with my radio teletype interface but not a problem for now. I also found the right place to make the BIOS change you suggested for the AGP video. For the moment, the only IRQ reserved for ISA in the BIOS is IRQ11, which is for the old NIC I have. IRQ9 is unused, so I may force the modem to it tonight.

There is one IRQ issue I haven't tackled. If I look at the properties for the sound card, there is information about the DOS configuration. It can't be changed from Windows at that point - it is for information only. It gives the settings used for Sound Blaster compatibility in DOS, so I assume I will find the same info in the config and autoexec files (haven't checked yet). Anyway, this indicates that IRQ7 will be used in DOS, which is a conflict with something. After checking to see if this is really the case, I could either edit the DOS configuration to use IRQ5 or delete the sound card in Windows and reinstall it to see if it will clean up its own act. Any suggestions?

On the power management/shutdown thing. I am not using any shutdown sounds, and except for the IRQ7 business, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the sound card installation. I also found that Norton Antivirus was set to check the boot sector of the floppies at shutdown, but putting a stop to that did not help.


5. RE: Power Management Problems
lbyard Jun-15-00 02:53 PM
In response to message 4
Rob, IRQ 7 is your printer port, LPT1: Also, while I'm on the subject, if one installs a second printer port, it will normally use IRQ 5. The DOS real-mode line should match the Windows configuration, but I have found some DOS games don't like anything except IRQ's 5 and 10 for sound. There is a long article on shut-down problems in Microsoft's Knowledge Base: Article ID Q2. Try turning power management on in the BIOS Setup. Larry

6. RE: Power Management Problems
diletante Jun-16-00 02:47 AM
In response to message 5
Tonight has been full of fun and games. I set out to put the modem on IRQ9, and for the sound card, to make the real mode IRQ agree with the windows IRQ (i.e. IRQ5).

On the modem, the short story is that the Device Manager in W'98 wouldn't let me change the resources for the modem and I couldn't reinstall it the way I wanted either. (I removed the modem and tried to reinstall it differently. Using Windows Add/Remove Hardware didn't give me the opportunity to pick the IRQ, it just gave me a choice of COM ports. GRRRRR! I bailed out of that. Windows detected the modem while I was thinking and reinstalled it on COM2 again.) There is a way to do this I am sure.

I took the direct approach on the Sound Blaster real mode IRQ. I just editted the autoexec.bat file to make it IRQ5, which Windows was using. Windows still said the real mode was going to use IRQ7, so I restarted and checked it again. No change, still IRQ7. Checked the autoexec.bat file, and surprise, it was back to using IRQ7. Repeated the whole process just in case I was being stupid, and found that Windows will always rewrite the autoexec.bat file at startup. GRRRRR! Maybe there is something in the registry or whatever that has to be changed, but it is past the time when I trust myself.


7. RE: Power Management Problems
diletante Jun-16-00 11:11 AM
In response to message 6
A little rest always helps. I just got up, went to device manager, and changed the IRQ to 5 on the resources tab for the legacy sound card device. It was that easy. No more stuttering from the sound card.

Now maybe I can get a fresh idea about the modem or the pesky shut down problem on the way to work.


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