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Novice in need of HELP!!
Dusty Aug-11-01 02:31 PM
Hello All,

I have recently bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop, It came with NO O/S and a external CDROM also with No drivers (XM1502B) Those of you who have been in this situation will know whats coming, How do I load windows on this machine? The only thing Ive done so far is make a Windows 98 Boot disk, Most of the drivers load ok except The Oak Technology Atapi driver, I also get a error message that reads "No Valid CDROM device Driver Selected... MSCD001? Now, I have found the Toshiba CDROM driver but thay are all in ziped format, So how on earth do I unzip this driver with No O/S?

If anyone out there can help a complete novice please do otherwise I will be forced to spend loads of money to get a pro to do the job for me. Remember Im a novice so if you have the time please explain in some detail if possible

Thanks in Advance for any Info.

Regards Dusty.

1. RE: Novice in need of HELP!!
lbyard Aug-11-01 04:36 PM
In response to message 0
Unzip it on the computer you used to connect to this forum. PowerArchiver (http://www.powerarchiver.com/), an excellent, absolutely free, archive utility that does not advertise or prompt you to register. I like it better than WinZip (http://www.winzip.com/). I need the model number of the notebook to be of further assistance. Larry

Q. I reformatted my hard disk drive and now I cannot access my CD-ROM with my Startup floppy to install Windows. What do I do now?
A. Well, you may be in for some noticeable work. For other readers… always back-up the config.sys, autoexec.bat, C:\windows\command\mscdex.exe (if you don’t have it on the boot floppy) and CD-ROM drivers, etc. before formatting a hard disk drive. I also look at both the autoexec.bat and config.sys files and consider installed hardware before scrubbing a drive, and I usually back-up the drive.
You are probably going to have configure your boot floppy to load the correct CD-ROM driver. First, you need to find the driver. Some of the floppies also have mscdex.exe although the program belongs to Microsoft. See if you/she has the CD-ROM floppy with the driver. Most of those floppies have instructions for manually editing the config.sys and autoexec.bat files. Both files have a line that is required to run the CD-ROM. The config.sys file loads the driver and the autoexec.bat file loads mscdex.exe. The lines look something like this, but can vary depending on the CD-ROM drive:
device=cdrom.sys /D:mscd001
a:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:mscd001
“mscd001” can vary but must be the same in both files. The name of the driver, “cdrom.sys” in this case, can vary and depends on the drive. There may be additional flags, but these lines will work in most cases. The autoexec.bat line assumes mscdex is present in the root directory of the floppy, but it can be elsewhere.
So, you can’t find the floppy… Then you must determine the make and manufacturer of the drive. In most cases that requires removing the drive from the case. If you are lucky you will be able to determine that info easily. But when one forgets to back-up the driver, one is not usually lucky. Many times a CD-ROM is made by one company and labeled differently by the company that uses the drive to build a computer (e.g., Packard Bell). Steps to find the driver:
1) Search for the manufacturer on at htt://google.com/
2) Search Google with the info (usually the Model number) on the drive.
3) Look in one of the drivers web sites (see our links page)
4) Find the manufacture with the FCC number (see How to Indentify a Motherboard).
And there is the case, with older machines, where you have and old, non-IDE CD-ROM which is attached to the sound card. In those cases (and others), I usually install one of my shop CD-ROM’s temporarily to install Windows. Also, see How to Install a CD-ROM.

2. Needing Help
Dusty Aug-11-01 04:58 PM
In response to message 0
Hello Larry,

Thanks for posting. The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro 480CDT.

Hoping you can give me some further assistance.

Regards Dusty.

6. Toshiba Satellite Pro 480CDT Notebook Support Bulletins
lbyard Aug-11-01 05:24 PM
In response to message 2
Lot's of help here: http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/support/supp_tech_model_index.jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@0786443008.0997549934@@@@&BV_EngineID=lalliifgfllbfejcghcfmfcgli.0&Product=Portables&Family=Satellite%20Pro&Model=480CDT&CheckPage=Technical&Center=SupportBulletin. See the first one first. You may be able to boot directly to the Win 98 CD, if it is bootable, by pressing C as the computer boots. I don’t know if that applies to an external drive, however. If you can, the CD-ROM drive may become the A: drive. Other bulletins should be useful if you can’t boot to the CD. Larry

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