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SB2100D Drop out
Michael Aug-06-01 11:23 PM
I have been trying to find if (and if so, why) my ISP handles the GI/Motorola SB2100 differently than they do the SB2100D. From what I have found it appears the two models are very similar as far as the RF circuitry and the only difference is the SB2100D has the telco circuit. I spoke to a tech support operator and explained that the unit seems to drop sync about every twenty seconds or so and works fine in between those times. They said they belive the modem needs its "firmware" upgraded and then it should perform as the SB2100. They also said this can only be done by an ISP.

Hence, the dilemma. It appears the modem will not work if it doesn't get the upgrade and the ISP has to do the upgrade. And, the upgrade can not be done because the ISP doesn't support this model modem.

Does anyone know if the SB2100 and SB2100D RF circuitry is the same? And, if I do have to have the "firmware" upgraded can it be done by someone besides the ISP?

1. RE: SB2100D Drop out
lbyard Aug-07-01 08:29 AM
In response to message 0
I find *** BOOTING *** SB2100D-2.0.1-SCM-SHELL when I browse to I can also see where the ISP is attempting to upgrade “my” SB2100D with SB3100 firmware/software and it is failing. I understand that there is a technician’s or diagnostic floppy that allows firmware upgrades, but I have not seen one and cannot find it anywhere. I would like to know what you learn. Larry

2. RE: SB2100D Drop out
Michael Aug-07-01 08:45 AM
In response to message 1
The modem tech support told me they provide an FTP download to the ISP who then does the upgrade. He mentioned that a floppy disk is used, similar to BIOS flashing, but I am not sure of the details behind this. Thanks for your comments.

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