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bad boot problem
starfilledsky Jul-25-01 08:31 AM
I'm having a horid problem booting. My monitor was on it's way out to begin with but the screen turned blue (blue tint). I went to check the driver for no valid reason (I pretty much knew this monitor has had it) and I saw that I had an old driver in the device manager. I went to disable it just for the heck of it and accidentally, stupidly is more like it... disabled my active driver/device! I have a voodoo 3 and an ABIT board. Both fairly new, few months old. When I go to boot I'm powering up just fine but I'm getting no picture at all, not a single thing. The monitor isn't getting any signal and the computer isn't booting. I'm not getting any post beeps either. Without picture, post beeps, no booting to any device possible... I have no idea what else to do. The monitor still works I tested it on another computer. It's still blue but it works. I thought maybe some how windows ME (yes another mistake for an OS) could have altered a bios setting. I thought that was a far strech but I shorted the battery as a last act of desperation. Incidently, when the voodoo3 boots in the past I noticed it loads it's own bios before the computer so I suspect maybe something happened there? Anyone with ANY input would be greatly appreciated!

1. RE: bad boot problem
lbyard Jul-25-01 09:37 AM
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This looks like two problems: monitor and adapter. Adapter: pull and reseat it. Test it with another monitor. No post beeps… Try reseating the memory; you may have knocked a module loose when working the display problem. Monitor: look for bent pins in the plug that goes to the computer. Wiggle the video cable where it enters the monitor. It may have had it, especially if it is more than three years old. Some manufacturers warrant them for that long. Larry

2. RE: bad boot problem
deerslayer Jul-25-01 12:07 PM
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did you try booting in to safe mode? you should be able to. From there you can reinstall video driver.

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3. RE: bad boot problem
dogmanky Aug-06-01 05:08 AM
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Agreed. Reseat the AGP card and make sure it is Firmly in place. Also reseating the ram may be a good idea. Be sure to ground yourself first. If still not working, try another vid card, and then reset bios if still not posting.

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