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Now my printer does'nt work
Helen McKenna May-26-00 04:58 PM
Larry: I tried to scan in a different way - Scanning and Sending with a Non-Twain Scanner - selected Winfax as my printer, etc. and it worked.
However, the big light is now on my printer HP LaserJet 1100 and it won't print. Printer is set as default, have been looking through Help, have re-booted twice and still my printer does not work.
A box comes up and tells me I am out of paper. Not true. I jiggled the paper. I tried printing an envelope. The printer just will not work.
Helen McKenna

1. RE: Now my printer does'nt work
lbyard May-26-00 05:12 PM
In response to message 0
Helen, the cable was probably knocked loose when you were playing with the scanner. Yes, a loose printer cable can produce that error. Also look down this Forum list to Network Printer problem, dtd May 11, 2000 for more troubleshooting steps. (I have just got to finish my Printer Troubleshooting Guide which in progress, but I have at least two articles ahead of it...) Larry

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