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Random reboot - doesn't detect sound and dvd rom
compu Jul-09-01 06:41 PM
My machine got hit by lightning. I took it to technician. So I had to replace Motherboard (Biostar), Modem and Processor. I haven't changed memory and power supply. After this I formated the disk, installed Win98 and drivers.
Now it randomely reboots. Whenever it reboots it doesn't recognize the sound (ie audio) and dvd rom. If I shut it down and push some cable on m-board and start it detects.
Even I pulled out dvd rom cable and tested, it reboots again randomely.

I couldn't figure out, why is this happening.
Can some one help me in this, before I take'em to shop again.

2. RE: Random reboot - doesn't detect sound and dvd rom
lbyard Jul-10-01 05:38 AM
In response to message 0
A computer that reboots itself usually has a hardware problem. I would take it back to the shop and have them fix it correctly or get my money back. Although I have seen it, a CPU suffering damage from lightning is extremely rare. If it was damaged, the memory and power supply, as well as everything in the computer, is suspect. Many insurance companies will pay for lightning damage. The CPU may be overheating. Check the CPU fan. Also, the fan may not be the right kind or may not have been installed properly. You might want to shake the computer and listen for a loose screw. Larry

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